We start our designs with ergonomics and a careful consideration of a design’s condition of utilization. The result here of is a very convenient and comfortable furniture. Genuine teak wood is immune to dry rot and needs no special protection as it contains a unique blend of various resins and oils.

And, It also can easily be cleaned and maintained with soap and water. All models are supplied in solid teak wood (Tectona Grandis) and mahogany.

All furniture can be delivered in natural, dark antique finish, or light finish. Chairs and benches can be finished with leather or with rattan webbing.

Our standard packaging is used wrapping paper, but it can be change to single face cardboard or cardboard box. (Depend on your request). Other models, sizes or specification can be produced on demand.

With three-phase QC inspection. We guarantee our furniture to be free from defects in material and workmanship.

Please understand that the beauty of Indonesian furnitures are hand made. And may be there is a little bit different. We always use dry wood (with MC under 18 %). Due to the nature of these woods changes in relative humidity might cause some splitting and cracking. Great care has been taken to reduce the incidence of such occurrences; however their complete elimination is impossible.

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