How to get good supplier

Simple Tips & Tricks

It’s not a secret that many companies get problems with their suppliers. We understand what they feel. This is some tips, which may help you to look for good suppliers in Indonesia.

1. More experience reduces the problem.
It’s better if you choose the companies who have at least over than 10 years experience. They must know well how to make a good product for you. Because of they have been handling hundreds containers. They have good knowledge about this product. So, you will not become their experiment. The important thing, commonly, they can support you all information and data more good in fast.

2. Quality Management System ensure the quality and delivery
You should know how the companies control and ensure the quality from the beginning of the process (wood sourcing) until the end of process (packing). Do they use productions tracking system? How to make production schedule? how to check the goods, etc. You need to ask the system they have. Good management system ensures Trouble Free Goods and In Time Delivery.

3. Compare the prices by “apple to apple”.
Price is one of very important thing to compare. However, you need to compare objectively and fairly. Please, make sure the goods have same quality, same raw material, same hardware, same chemical treatment, same process, same glue, same finishing, same packing, same additional part, etc.
Expensive not means good. Some big company need much profit and they have very high overhead. It’s natural if they give more expensive price or may be, they give the same price, but lower quality.
On the other hand, commonly, beginner and small companies attract the new buyer by using cheap price strategy. Actually, they don’t have enough experience and they will reduce the quality to make it cheaper.
So, don’t ever expect to get good product and service from “the cheapest” supplier.
You must see “the price” in the right portion. Don’t gambling your money and your reputation.

4. Ask your friend or ask some testimonial
It’s better if you can spend your time to talk with someone who has more experience to buy goods from Indonesia. You can find them easily in the fair or in the hotel. But, please, don’t trust them 100%. Some of them are broker; they will give misinformation to make you are afraid and confused to buy. Finally, they will offer you to buy from them.
If you have a problem to get information, please, ask your supplier to give some testimonial from his regular customers. The good company must have it and you need to check it.

5. Easy to contact and fast communication
Did you ever need urgent information and send an email to your supplier but not got reply in time? Email is not enough. Now a day, your customers need to get information faster. So, you must follow up and answer the question from your customers more fast.
Good communication will make dealing process faster and easier. The time is money!
Good supplier must support your business by Online customer care. (Ex. Yahoo Messenger, MSN, Skype, TradeManager, IRC, ICQ, etc)
Some big companies are difficult to reach / contact. Some of them have Toll Free / Online CS, but they have complicated structure and system. It makes more long decision and information. So, the operator can answer only the simple and common question. You should look for the supplier who really care to your business, who can give the personal service and flexible system.
Don’t forget to ask personal mobile number to your supplier. So, you can contact him 24/7.

6. Don’t use your brain only. But, use your heart and feeling too
There are hundreds companies in Indonesia who offer the similar product, similar quality and similar price.
It’s not easy to choose. If you thing that ‘The Object’ is same, you should compare ‘The subject’. You should look for the supplier who has more good personality, honest and polite.
So, I think it is wiser if you choose it by your heart and feeling. Use your six senses and follow your intuition.
One more thing, Please, don’t decided in a hurry! Runs hurry will make you fall easily.

Ok. We hope this information can help and guide you to choose the right supplier.
Be a smart buyer! Good luck!  C U

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