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Garden furnitures are available in both softwood and hardwood material. Each choice of material will affect the durability, finish, strength and personal preference of garden furniture. Softwood garden furniture is usually made from pine. They are much cheaper than hardwood and very functional also. But the catch is they are less durable and may detoriate after 3 or 4 years of usage if they are not maintenanced well. They are very prone to cold seasons so it is wise to store them in a warm place on cold months.

Hardwood, on the other hand, is usually more durable than softwood. But the price is usually higher also. Famous hardwood material for garden furniture includes teak and oak. But others may be used to produce garden furnitures as well, such as meranti. Meranti is a hardwood material that can be found in tropical rainforests, especially in Malaysia and Indonesia. With the current deforestation, meranti hardwood is becoming scarce each year. If it is not preserved well, then the species may become extinct one day. Compared to other hardwood materials, such as teak and oak, meranti is one of the cheaper choices on the market and is very popular for budget hardwood furniture. Meranti is kiln dried before it is used to make garden furniture.

Basically, any softwood or hardwood garden furniture material will detoriate when exposed much to the outdoor conditions. But with little maintenance, they can be made more durable. The grain on all hardwoods can open, or lift, causing slight roughness. Although the timber is already treated, it should be given a further application of teak oil or hardwood protector on assembly, and then periodically. Even with careful maintenance, small cracks or splits can appear, and the grain can lift at any time. Although this should not affect the strength of the wood, we suggest that the timber is allowed to dry thoroughly and is then lightly sanded with glass paper before receiving an application of teak oil. Hardwoods can discolour in certain atmospheric conditions, and if you find this unacceptable, we suggest it is cleaned with warm soapy water, dried off and lightly sanded, before being given any hardwood protectors. These stains will colour and protect the timber, but still allow the grain to show through.

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