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garden furniture wholesale , How to distinguish Grade A and Grade C Teak wood

Teak wood is one of the best qualified hardwood for furniture. However, you must know that even teak wood has their own grade of wood. IT consists of Grade A wood and Grade C wood. Grade A is the better quality one, and in buying teak wood furniture, it is recommended that you choose this grade of wood. It is definitely an important factor when purchasing teak garden furniture, and may impact on the life span or your teak furniture.

The bad news is, there are many sellers who try to deceit their customers by telling the customers that their product is a grade A teak, although the truth is its only a grade C. The quality and price of these two types are supposedly very distinct. If you dont know your way around teak way, you will surely be deceived and purchase a low quality teak with a high price. So in order for you to cope with this situation, you have to know the basic difference between the two grades. Therefor you should read the following explanation :

Grade A teak furniture is the best quality of furniture that uses grade A wood. It is made using the center part of the tree plantation; the heartwood. The first thing you have to know about this type is the appearance of the teak wood. Heartwood is supposedly dark golden-brown to dark golden-yellow to rich brown in color with darker chocolate-colored brown streaks. There is no sap wood, no knots and no black or water grain. The color is usually naturally mutual. It has a close-grained hardwood with high natural oil and rubber content. This grade is derived from trees that are 30-50 years old, but presently it can also be produced from trees that are 20-40 years old. That is why the price of grade A wood now is cheaper than it was 10-15 years ago. This is the standard grade for garden furniture.

This is the lower grade or lower quality of wood. Some buyers consider to buy this grade since the price is cheaper. Unlike grade A wood, Grade C allows the usage of sapwood for its furnitures, which is softer than heartwood. The wood usually contains variations in color, with dark and light streaks. Manufacturers of grade C furnitures usually gives chemical treatment for the wood to make it mutual in color. Grade C has reasonable quality and affordable price. It is recommended that you buy this grade of wood for accessories, such as lantern, dustbin or trolley and for indoor use furniture.

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