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Teak furniture has become a big interest in the development of furnishings. With the popularity of teak furniture, much more homeowners, manufacturers and collectors are searching it. Teak furniture can be easily found on the internet as there are many online companies that provide it. The quantity of import and export companies of teak furniture has also increased as a result of the increased popularity. As it grows more popular, not few manufacturers tend to lower the quality of teak furniture for a high price. Of course general people are not aware of the difference in quality, therefor they can make much more fortune by this deceitng process. Despite that fact, there are also many manufacturers of quality teak furniture.

Quality teak wood furniture manufacturers make their furniture manually by hand and they are built to last for years. A good warranty 0f 10 years and a money back guarantee of 60 days is a sign of quality teak furniture. A quality manufacturer will use kiln dried teak between 10-12% moisture content to make sure it will last a very long time. Some manufacturers will first sand by machine then sand by hand after construction.

Teak wood has a high concentration of oil that allows it to last for decades. Teak is resistant to mold, mildew, splintering, rot and insects. It is extremely sturdy and heavy. Teak wood can be as maintenance-free as you would like; maintenance is not truly required. Teak wood is expensive because it requires tedious processing in order to become a finished product. Teak trees are aged 30 to 50 years and then stripped of their bark for three years, as they die a lasting death. The trees are then, cut down. Then the wood is kiln dried for eight months until most of the moisture is gone. Once the wood is dry, the lumber is sliced.

A large amount of the worlds teak comes from Indonesia. The Indonesian government manages a majority of the teak supply. Plantations grow a majority of the teak trees. The Plantations operate under the Smart Wood program of the Rainforest Alliance, an organization that encourages ecologically sound practices of timber harvesting.

Lesser quality teak furniture that you get at a big-box store could start deteriorating in only two to three years as opposed to the quality teak that will last anywhere from 30-50 years. One way to determine if you have a quality piece of teak furniture is the price. Usually the higher the price tag, the better the product. However, some dealers get around the high price tags by selling in large volume.
Another way to determine the quality of your teak furniture is the weight of the product. A quality piece of teak furniture is not light. A quality teak chair will weigh in upwards of 35 to 40 pounds. An inexpensive chair from a discount shop will weigh much lighter.

High-quality teak has a smooth grain and no knots or small pieces glued together. A lesser quality piece of teak furniture is likely to be lightweight, knotted and held together with metal screws and bolts. If you are shopping for a high quality teak furniture, you should first do your research. You should make sure to get a good investment with your furniture.

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