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indonesian teak furniture , How to Build your own Wooden Picnic Table

Building your own picnic table is a longlasting experience for you. Other than the fact that it can really save your budget, it is a great way to remind you of the fun and effort you used to do when building it, especially with the help of your family or friends. When building your own wooden picnic table, the ending result is not the primary purpose, but the experience and appreciation for your hard work is.
Here are the steps of making your own wood picnic table :

Step 1
Find your wooden picnic table design. These can be found in magazines, book or even downloaded from the internet with only a little effort. Be sure to choose a design that isnt to hard to conduct or follow.

Step 2
Choose your woodworking workshop. Usually, it should be in a garage or basement. Choose a room or place that is vast enough to do your work, with enough lighting, and that place should be prepared for dust and wood leftovers.

Step 3
Buy the lumber or wood for your project. Adjust it with the design. Since it will be used outdoors, try to look for pressure treated wood.

Step 4
Buy the necessary woodworking tools you need for the project. If you prefer low budget tools, use hand tools instead of power tools.

Step 5
Follow the steps one by one from your design. Always read the manual before operating any woodworking tool, if you havent had experience using it before.

Step 6
Sand your final project extremely well before you paint it. You want to the wood to become extremely smooth so that no one gets a splinter on your table.

Step 7
Last but not least, paint your picnic table according to your taste. Always lay down an a primer before applying coats of paint. This will provide a better foundation so that your paint will hold its color for longer.

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