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Satinwood is a type of antique wood that came from the Western and Eastern Indies. It has been known to be a material for furniture making ever since 1780. The description of the wood is it has a warm yellow colour, and has a close grain that takes a high polish. Satinwood is usually made as a veneer, and it has the tendancy to split if not handled carefully by the craftsman. In the early 1800, satinwood was used to make chairs and legs of veneered tables. It was considered an expensive wood thus it was intended mostly for wealthy people.

Satinwood furniture was sometimes elaborately inlaid with other light-coloured woods, but mostly it was decorated by having oil-painting as part of the design. Much of it is said to have been the work of the woman artist, Angelica Kauffmann, but this is seldom, if ever, true. Chairs, as well as tables and cabinets, were decorated with painting, and this took the form of small bouquets of flowers and garlands of trailing leaves which suited the slender shaping of the woodwork.

Being popular in the early and mid 1800s, the demand for satinwood furniture decreased in the late 1800s and at the early 1900s, the interest rose again as old pieces of satinwood furnitures were brought out from attics and basements where they were hidden because it was considered unfashionable. These old pieces were revived, cleaned and well restored to be sold for a high amount. At the same time, a large number of copies and near-copies were made for those who could not afford the real thing.

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