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outdoor teak table , Staining Your Outdoor Furniture With Penofin

If you intend to preserve your outdoor furniture to an extended period, its recommended that you stain your outdoor furniture once in a while. Staining outdoor furniture is an important process that adds richness and protection to any piece of furniture and bring out beautiful wood grain. There are many different stain brands available on the market today. From past experiences, one of the best known stain brands you can choose is Penofin. Penofin contains a substance known as transoxide pigments. That is the substance thats used for automobiles to give them a tough coloring finish and resistance to ultraviolet damage.

Penofin is an oil finish that contains Brazilian Rosewood Oil. It is the only low-solid, non film-forming wood stain in the world. Penofin soaks into the wood fibers and locks with them so there is no surface film to crack or peel. A good oil finish can prevent wood from swelling and cracking as well as protect them against unwanted stains. Before using penofin to stain your furniture, remove any sawdust or dirt that you have on your furniture first. After that, you can rub or brush the stain onto the woods surface. Penofin, as an oil finish, goes on very easily. It soaks into the wood, leaving behind a small amount of excess stain on the woods surface which you can wipe up after 15-20 minutes. A second coat is usually recommended after 24 hours to be sure the wood is sufficiently treated.

Penofin wood finish is the favorite wood finish that is used by contractors and manufacturers everywhere in the world. The fact that it is easy to apply and the deep penetration into the wood than any other stain brands are some of the reasons penofin is chosen. The deep penetration results in it hardening the wood and stabilizing the fibers. After you apply penofin finish to your furniture, it will guarantee that your furniture will gain a superior protection from ultraviolet damage. An outdoor furniture that is treated with penofin can last for 2 years or more before having to be restained again.

Penofin is no doubt one of the most amazing wood finish in the world. Other than it being the best way to protect and enhance your outdoor furniture, you can also save a lot of time by not having to sand or apply other high solid stains to your furniture. Unlike many other staining products that is prone to water damage, penofin will not absorb water, but instead it will protect your furniture from water damage better than nearly all other products on the market.

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