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patio furniture companies , Different Styles of Iron Patio Furniture

Patio furnitures can be made of various different materials. Some people prefer wooden material, some prefer plastic, and others like iron patio furniture. Everyone has their own reason in choosing a material for their patio furniture, because every material has their own characteristics. Wooden patio furniture gives a rather different effect than iron patio furniture. While wood can create a relaxing atmosphere, iron patio furniture appears more modern. They are also more stable and sturdy if well maintenanced. Iron patio furniture can be made in many different styles. Here are some popular iron patio furniture styles in the market :

Antalya Cradle

The Antalya chair looks just like a little round cradle. The chair looks very comfortable. It has a round seat that is rested on iron legs. Around the arms, there are a couple of holes to ensure there is enough ventilation. You can expect to sit in this chair for hours and still feel comfortable after that.

Bolivia Style

The Bolivia Style Chair is a light piece of iron patio furniture. It can be moved around and stored easily when necessary. The key to its lightweight is simplicity. There are only 2 pieces of cane found on this item. One is the back support, and the other is the seat. The material is wrapped firmly around an iron frame with four legs.

Fabion Look

The Fabion Look is actually a rattan made style. Because its made from rattan, it is versatile enough to be shaped into various different forms. The Fabion Look is a rather classical example of rattan made style. Instead of having a boring back support that rises up from the seat, it has curves that bend slightly outwards. This style gives the chair two purposes, one is that it enhances the overall apperarance, and the second one is that the curve part can act as support for the arms. That way, the chair will look more appealing and provides a decent armrest.

Half Moon Style

The Half Moon Style is the perfect choice for uniqueness and exclusivity. The name of the style suggests its design. With almost no back support, it is supported by a pair of half moons that point in the opposite direction, with the backs of each moon resting on each other. This design allows spacious room for ventilation. To match the 2 moons, the chair also has curved iron legs that form a stable base.

Memori Design

The Memori Design is similar to the Fabion Look, except it looks more stout and has a broader seat. While the Fabion Look may be a little small, the Memory Design fixes just that. Besides that, instead of having curves that bend slightly outwards, this chair has curves that bend all the way out. That means the design is more complete and looks a little more elaborate.

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