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Like other kinds of furniture in the market, especially chairs, Adirondack chairs can be made out of many different kinds of wood and even plastic. But many homeowners will agree that cedar wood is amongst the best wood for making Adirondack Chairs. Cedar has many benefits that gives Adirondack chairs more value than other wooden materials.

Cedar is not a very dense wood, making it one of the lightest softwoods available. This gives you an advantege of moving your Cedar Adirondack Chairs easily when its needed to. Despite the lightweight wood, cedar does not sacrifice its strength. The strength of the wood itself is almost the same as hardwood, like oak. Cedar also boasts an incredible thermal co-efficient. That means that the tiny “air pockets” between the cells of the wood end up acting as an insulator when the wood is dry. If the weather is hot, cedar can remain a lower temperature efficiently than most other wooden furnitures. This makes Cedar Adirondack Chairs much cooler to sit on.

Cedar, like many other woods, has the ability to naturally equalize its moisture content to match the moisture of the air around it. However, unlike many other woods, cedar does not expand or contract very much when it is absorbing or evaporating moisture. Because of this, cedar can resist cracks and warps better than most hardwoods. Cedar Adirondack Chair is definitely a perfect choice if you live in an area with high humidity level and areas where the seasons change often.

Finally, cedar is very decay and weather resistant. If you leave your Cedar Adirondack Furniture outside, you have the option of either staining it every year or two to maintain its fresh new look, or allowing it to age gracefully into a beautiful silvery gray color. If you like to leave your cedar furniture outdoors throughout the year, its recommended that you treat it to protect the furniture properly and greatly extend its natural life. After all, cedar is resistant to decay but is not absolutely invulnerable to it. No wood is invulnerable to natural aging, however, staining them can give an extra durability to their already high durability. Besides being weather resistant, cedar also contains natural preservative oils making it possess a specific odor and very insect and rot resistant.

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patio world , Cedar Adirondack Chairs, The Best Selection of Adirondack Furniture, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating