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teak furniture garden , How To Choose The Ideal Teak Dining Chair and Table Set

Teak is a beautiful wooden that will have people looking at it and touching it for years to come. When you choose teak furniture, it is nice to always keep in mind a couple of things so that your can make your purchase worthwhile. This goes when choosing teak dining chair and table set as well.

When choosing teak dining chair, first you have to know the kind of chair and table set that will fit in your area. Some teak dining chairs and table sets are massive pieces that will take up a whole space in a room. This is only suitable in showroom, but in your home, it wont look to good. So before you start shopping for teak dining chair and table set, you should measure the area you want the pieces to fill. Remember, you need to fit chairs and people around this table so dont make it as well tight or you will make your company uncomfortable, feeling like if they eat their meal they might not really be able to get out from behind the table.

After you obtain the measurement, you can start looking for the various styles of teak chairs and tables that are on the market. It is also important that you match the teak chair and table with the overall decoration of the room. In some occasion, teak dining chairs and table set will set the tone theirselves so that you dont need to match anything, in fact the room will in time match with the dining set. This is the high impact of teak wood. For the shape of the dining chair and table set, it usually depends on the dining room itself. If you have a massive open dining room, you can fairly far pick whatever shape that you want. But, if you have a rectangular shaped dining room and want the table centered you are going to have to go with a rectangular or circle table shape. Likewise, if you have a longer dining room, you may be much better suited with an oval or rectangular table.

One thing you must keep in mind is that teak will often change in its appearance through time. When first purchased, they have a gold tone for color, but over time, especially if they are exposed much to the sun, they can darken and become browner across the board. To handle it, make sure your teak furniture is nicely oiled and maintained well. You should check with your dealer for the best way to keep the color strong. When it comes to general maintenance, teak dining chairs and tables are easy. You should also keep your teak clear of debris and dusted, and periodically wipe it with a wet cloth. Some kinds of wood, such as teak, mau emit a particular odor. While most people dont mind, those who have very sensitive noses might become annoyed by the scent of the wood over prolonged use.

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