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There are 2 types of metal garden furniture that are known by most homeowners. They are cast garden furniture and aluminium garden furniture. Cast garden furniture is generally for the traditionalist who wants a particular look to suit older houses and gardens where something too modern would be out of place. Aluminium garden furniture on the other hand is generally regarded as being more minimalist and modernistic to suit modern living in houses with urban styling and architecturally landscaped gardens and patios.

Cast garden furniture is basically based upon the cast iron Victorian furnitures that you often see in pubs or pierced designs. The pieces usually feature floral motifs that are ideal for many older style garden furnitures. It is a style of metal garden furniture that does not really look out of place in more modern settings depending upon your taste. Originals can be expensive but there are many retailers offering budget metal garden furniture as replicas.

Aluminium garden furniture gives a more modern look and minimalist styling of metal garden furniture. The unique stylish design will find favour with many people and although there are some expensive leading-edge products out there, you will also find cheap metal garden furniture which reflects the style at a wide range of online and retail dealers. The modern style makes use of both aluminium and a wide variety of plastics, fabrics and timbers and these are generally in colour co-ordinated or complementary shades. This kind of metal garden furniture works particularly well with the modern architectural styles of planting and hard landscaping to striking effect.

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