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teak furniture outdoor , Cedar Wood for Outdoor Garden Furniture

Cedar garden furniture is a lovely kind of garden furniture for any kind of deck or patio. It comes from the cedar tree which is a very beautiful hardwood that usually grows in North America and is often used to make furniture. A clear grade western red cedar tree is a commonly used cedar tree to make outdoor garden furniture. Many people have the same concern when it comes to having outdoor furniture, that is how durable the furniture is against outdoor weather. That concern is because the northern part of America suffers from snow, sleet, and hail that could be very damaging to any piece of garden furniture.

Fortunately, the western red cedar fibers contain a specific oils that act as a natural preservative to help the wood resist rot and decay, which makes it a perfect choice for outdoor garden furniture. One of the first created pieces using cedar wood is called the Adirondack Chair. Adirondack Chair was wanted by almost every American. It was eventually noticed by the government that cedar wood is a very good kind of wood with high durability and also cheap. The government then applied the material to make cedar benches which was placed in public parks in America. The depression era brought forth the creation of many of these benches by people who worked on the WPA. The WPA was a work program created by President Roosevelt at the time to help those in this country who were unemployed. Many young men went into the forests at the time and cut down the cedar trees so that they used for things like park benches.

Other than benches, cedar chest is the following piece of item made by cedar wood. It is very suitable for chests since it keeps the humid area inside very well prevented from mold and mildew that can eventually damage the chest and its contents. It was often used by sailors who carries them on long trips. Another item similar to chest is the cedar coffin for the deceased. The idea emerged due to a certain plague from the deceased that the doctors declared in England. By using cedar wood as the main material for coffins, it is believed that the coffin can prevent the plague from spreading. Over the century, cedar is a useful wood that is used to make many good things.

Presently, cedar wood is used to make cedar garden furniture that is a nice attribute for anyones patio or home. A beautiful cedar patio set can give decent accent to any persons home. The elite American often request that their patio and garden be inlaid with cedar wood. Many accessories made of cedar are often found in stores today. Items such as serving trays and carts made from cedar wood can be easily found in Department stores across America. Sometimes, you can even request or design your own product from a cedar outdoor furniture manufacturer.

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