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teak garden , Balinese Garden Decoration – Hardscapes

Generally, Balinese architecture is a semi-open space architecture concept. For example, they can have a wall bulilt for the building, but it doesnt cover all the areas around the building, just the areas necessary for coverage. The unnecessary wall-covered area is left open for entrance of open space. This goes for the placement of hardscapes, you must not fill your garden with unnecessary hardscapes that can make the garden look full.

One of the most used hardscape in a Balinese Garden is the Buddha Head Statue. One idea that the Balinese like to do is place a Buddha Head Statue near a group of orange pots. You could even purchase a Buddha head fountain for a calming backyard oasis. Buy teak benches and place them strategically near the fountain. Teak is commonly used in Balinese gardens and weathers to a lovely gray in the elements. Teak patio furniture would also add to the Indonesian feel to your backyard. You could even purchase a large teak door to mark the entrance to your garden. These doors are sold in teak stores specializing in teak Balinese furniture.

One recommendation that relates to the Balinese architecture concept explained before is to create a winding stone path to your Buddha fountain. This winding path will encourage those who visit your garden to walk around your Balinese garden and enjoy the sights.

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