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teak garden furniture , How The Color Of Your Wicker Furniture Can Affect Your Mood

Did you know that certain colors may influence/affect specific actions and characteristics for your? Like when you wear a uniform outside, do you just randomly choose a color or do you try to match your outfit with your mood? This is one example of how you mood can be affected by color. Your home is another such place that will affect your mood as well as the furniture that is inside your house. Before you make you next furniture purchase you need to be aware of how the color of your wicker furniture can affect your mood.

Many wicker pieces are white. White symbolizes purity, youth and birth. It will have a peaceful affect on you and the room that it is located in. There are other Asian cultures where this has the exact opposite effect. It is considered to resemble death. Depending on what you culture dictates you will either want more of color white or you want to get rid of it. The opposite of white is the color black. It may represent death for certain areas. There is usually a lot of sadness, unhappiness, remorse and grief associated with this color. You probably dont want a lot of black in one room. You might want to balance it with another color.

Yellow is the color of joy, happiness, and sunshine. It symbolizes imagination and inspiration. Most kitchens are usually painted some form of yellow. Yellow or golden wicker is a great color to have in your home. If you want to brighten up your day then you need to get a little more yellow in your life. Green is considered to have a calming effect. If is earthy and represents nature, youth, renewal and fertility. It is also purported to bring good luck. You might have wicker or patio furniture that is the color green. If so you might be able to calm yourself down by surrounding yourself with green.

If your furniture is not providing the mood that you want you can easily change it by painting it. It might only take one of two cans of paint to get the work done. And the best part is they are relatively inexpensive and usually always in stock at your local home supply store. Colors do affect your mood more than you think, so if you are a highly emotional person, or have a hard time concentrating, you might want to take a look around and see what colors are in the room that you are in. For your peace of mind you might want to get a more calming color like white, blue or yellow. They will provide you with the right mood that you need.

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