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Are you someone who likes having a new look for your bedroom at certain times? If you are, you might want to consider having a wicker furniture in your bedroom. Wicker furniture is timely, classic and is never out of date. It is very suitable for rearrangements anywhere. Here are some of the ways you can treat your bedroom pieces to look more fresh.

You must have somewhere to rest your head at night. The bed is the most important piece in your bedroom. The headboard is the centerpiece for your bed. The cost of the headboard will be determined by the size of your bed. A twin will obviously cost much less than a queen or king sized bed. The price range is $200 to $700 for a decent headboard.

The dresser is the next essential bedroom piece. You can get as few or as many drawers in your dresser as you wish. Of course the more drawers the more expensive. If you already have a walk in closet then you might be able to organize your clothing in there, but a wicker dresser will provide you with more space for your closet for those items that dont have to be hung up.

Some people get a nightstand for each side of the bed. But you dont have to. If you only want one then by all means that is all you need to purchase. Most wicker nightstands are made up of wicker and wood. So it is not a complete wicker furniture piece. You can generally find nightstands ranging from $200 USD.

If you like mirrors then you will want to get a wicker vanity for your bedroom. There is nothing like sitting down in front of your vanity to put on makeup or even get dressed for the day. Sometimes the bathroom just doesnt provide the correct lighting. Most vanities will have an additional fee for the mirror but it is worth it.

You might have forgotten about hampers but when you have dirty clothes youll need someplace to put them. Not only will they be up off the floor, but they will keep your room looking clean and neat even if your clothes do smell! You should be able to find hampers for a relatively inexpensive price.

Last but not least you need to be able to see in your bedroom. All the wicker furniture in the world will not do you a bit of good if you cant see it. This can range from ceiling fans with lights to floor lamps to even wicker lamp shades. Or you can get a wicker lamp that is designed like a tiffany lamp. The lighting will enhance your bedroom into your own personal oasis.

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