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Balinese Garden, combination of different cultures

Balinese garden is a garden that has implemented a fusion of Western and Eastern influences on garden decorating. The modern art form of gardening combined with a rich traditional culture creates the truly unique blend of Balinese garden. The result is a cutting edge style of its own. The fusion of traditional craftsmanship with modern influences set against a lush landscape produces the most extraordinary examples of garden design, artistry and architecture. The use of outdoor living spaces and fluid transitions from interior space to exterior is only one example of this small island’s impact on the international design community.

Balinese garden, because of the features it displays is also considered a spirit of communication between the human and the nature.There are 3 things that is usually used in Balinese gardening, they are the tropical plants like Heliconias and Gingers, the statuary and the Balinese style of lanterns that are throughout the garden, and the pavilion that situated within the garden. It is a formal style of garden with nine water features. The sound of water gives the garden a feeling of tranquility and peacefulness.

Bali truly is a place were East meets West with exceptional results. With the added benefit of being situated in a tropical climate, the gardens of Bali seem to come more alive than one would ever think is possible. I hope that you will be able to join us for this unique opportunity to explore the culture, art, gardens, architecture, and natural wonders of Bali.can be the integrated between the house or building with the open space outside. That the unity, If we talk about Balinese Architecture, we must talk Balinese Landscape/Garden also, that the integrity. We can’t separate of them, like salad without mayonnaise.

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