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Teak Garden Furniture

Perhaps the most popular wood used for making garden furniture is teak, and for very good reasons. The teak tree, called ‘tectona grandis’ in the scientific community, is a shedding tropical hardwood that reaches up to about 30 meters or a hundred feet in height, and grows in the African, Indian and the Malayan regions.

Teak wood has always been popular because of its durability – it’s so durable, in fact, that it is used for shipbuilding. It has an impenetrable fine grain that is reinforced by natural teak oils that ward off rots and insects, and withstand the effects of weathering. Best of all, managed teak plantations make sure that it is sustainable, and that people can use it without fear of contributing to the denudation of the forests.

You can never go wrong with teak garden furniture, because it is classic, inherently elegant, and most importantly, can last for decades and decades. Many teak garden furniture designs are available for virtually any need. Teak patio sets, tables, chairs, steamers and benches are widely accessible at reasonable prices.

Teak furniture is generally low-maintenance, but there are some simple things you can do to make sure they last a lifetime still looking fresh. Apply a thin coat of teak oil (easily available from furniture shops or handyman outlets) on the surface of your teak furniture after you clean it. Do this at least once a month, or whenever the weather is especially dry or humid. This oil replaces all the natural oil that teak loses because of everyday weathering, and restores the color, shine, and durability of your furniture.
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