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The Journey Of Jepara Wood Carving

The activity of Jepara wood carving was been initiated since the 7th century, when Jepara (which was named Kalingga Kingdom at that time) was ruled by Queen Shima. The kingdom specialized in making traditional ships and houses that were known throughout the land. At that time, the carving design was still traditional designs that were self created. In the 16th century, when Jepara is ruled by Queen Kalinyamat, much improvements were made to the design of the ships and houses. The designs were adopted after being influenced by design styles from China, India, Arab and Europe. It was since that era the revolution in Jepara wood carving design has been developing.

On the 19th century, the development of Jepara wood carving and furniture industry reached it’s climax and became famous in many countries all over the world after R.A Kartini, the daughter of Jepara Head Residence introduce the wood carving products from Jepara to the Queen Wilhelmina on her marriage. R.A. Kartini also introduce Jepara wood carving through Oost en West Organization that helped on the market place. Another way how R.A Kartini introduce the wood carving is by sending it to her friends in Holland.

On the 20th century when Soeharto become a President of Indonesia, Jepara Furniture Home Industry get a support from the President’s Wife to get the investor to expand their business and as a result, many foreign investor interested to expand their business to Jepara. Then the Europe design is dominate the production of Jepara Carving Furniture up to now.

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