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Ways To Heat Up Your Outdoor Patio

Patios are a great way to enjoy the summer; you can have dinners outside, relax by the pool, or get some gardening done. But when it’s too cold to swim, and the plants all begin to frost on those chilly autumn nights, how can you still get the most out your outdoor patio? Crank up the heat on some patio add-ons that are red hot.

If you’ve got the room and the budget, get an authentic Finnish sauna for your outdoor patio. These traditional dry or wet stone hothouses come in a variety of sizes and designs, and are usually made from gorgeous hardwoods, like cedar. You can enjoy saunas year round, and the practice is actually good for your health. Sweating is considered a kind of detox, while the heat opens up blood vessels to increase circulation, while speeding up metabolism.

Hot Tubs
Similar to the idea of saunas are hot tubs. These are a common fixture on many an outdoor patio, and it’s not hard to see why. They are compact enough to fit on most standard sized decks, provide the ultimate in luxury and relaxation, and are much more affordable than most people think.

Many of the fancier models of hot tub include features like heated towel cubbies. Hot tubs also have proven health benefits, in small doses that is. Limited exposure to hot tubs results in hydrotherapy, a practice that predates the invention of hot tubs and goes back to ancient cultures and hot springs.

Patio Heaters
If you’re not much for peeling away the layers when you go outside, opt instead for a patio heater. These units are great for evening mixers when the nights have turned chilly, and they’re a lifesaver to all of your smoker friends. Patio heaters are typically freestanding, though there are some installable units available. These metal units often operate on propane and contain enough safety shutoff features that they’re good around kids or forgetful people.

Fire Pits
If you love the experience of camping but can’t do the open flame, a fire pit is the next best thing for your outdoor patio. Fire pits and outdoor fireplace are usually made from metal and stone, respectively and offer warm, natural heat in a compact and safely contained unit. They are perfect for congregating around, or roasting marshmallows and hot dogs. You can even use an outdoor fireplace to cook and entire meal al fresco.

Though the right ambient lighting might be more psychologically than actually warming, it’s still an important fixture nonetheless to the outdoor patio. Lighting is available in all different varieties, from electrical units that can be installed directly into your deck or backyard, to more mobile varieties of lights. String lighting is romantic, doesn’t use much electricity, and is tempered for outdoor use, while metal lanterns use the ambient glow of candles to provide the right mood lighting.

Just because the weather starts to turn doesn’t mean it’s time to hibernate. Your outdoor patio is a part of your home, so get the most from it. There’s many ways to enjoy a cool night while keeping nice and toasty.

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